Dear Rozella Family,
You made us feel like a part of your family from the first phone call I had with Jennifer to Ann’s warm smile that welcomed us after a horrible drive from MI, to Vin’s golf cart rides to the bathroom so our baseball team’s Moms didn’t have to walk in the rain. There is no way to convey in a pamphlet or on a website what wonderful, welcoming people you all are.We camped with you in July. My son was playing at the Dreams Park. He and my husband stayed in the barracks which left me camping with 4 children! But at no point did I feel alone. One of your family members was always around cleaning or checking on things and willing to help me. Every night when I left the fields we came back “home” to the camper where I felt very safe and secure.Your hard work is noticeable everywhere you look on the grounds. The campsite is remarkably clean, especially the bathrooms! The sites are well built. We were level on the first try. Our baseball family enjoyed an evening picnic at the pavilion. It is also clean and well thought out, with sliding barn doors to accommodate the weather, fire pit, horse shoes.You have built a unique place in which your love for the campground can be seen. Often people run a business for a profit. You do it because you truly care and want people to feel at home! Hartwick Highlands is a true success. Thank you for sharing what you have built.Sincerely,