To the owners & staff at Hartwick Highlands Campground,Just a short note to say thanks. When you put out the welcome mat every day, you leave nothing left behind. From the help on the initial call to make a reservation to the heartfelt waves when leaving, this campground is top notch. Apparently, the letter “H” isn’t only the first letter in the campground’s name, it stands for the unprecedented “HOSPITALITY” that they offer. From the help getting in a campsite LONG after dark to the assistance with all the local attractions, these folks do it all and then some. The only negative that I have is that I only had a long weekend to spend here. This is probably one of the nicest campgrounds that my family and I have ever been to. But as Arnold said in the movies, “I’ll be back”. And as for Jennifer in the office, if there is a national campground association and they are ever in need of an ambassador, you’ve got my vote!!!!! Again, thanks for all the help and hospitality (there’s those “H’s” again).The Farrell