Unlike the vast majority of campgrounds – the designers had, from the beginning a vision – A design that would join comfort with nature and the natural beauty of the area they selected for their campground. One sees in a half mile or so of a road into a deep wood, composed mainly of thick pines and maples, the possibility of bike trails, walking trails of varying difficulty, and a natural experience bounded by Canadian geese honking and caroling at a nearby pond. And whitetail deer spooked by your presence as you walk, however quietly. At night billions of stars and the northern lights sparkle overhead. An occasional bird flits here and there.

In the morning one alights from tent or trailer onto a soft bed of chipped wood to a clear dawn, fresh air and sunlight filtering through the trees. Mornings are crisp, 50 degrees or so, for the temperature falls rapidly at night. Neighbors are clustered nearby – but not so close to disturb your privacy. Clean air, bright and clean bathrooms, everything done in taste. Planned for you as though for them – for they are campers too!